K-LOL: The Final Episode

This is the last of K-LOL for now, and it’s a real barnburner, so definitely watch it. One thing I’ve learned from producing ten weeks of this thing: making original scripted comedy for the Internet is HARD. There’s not a lot of money, not a lot of time, and it turns out the vast majority of the YouTube audience genuinely prefers to watch emotionally erratic thirteen year-olds yell at cats. 

All that being said, I am VERY proud of what we managed to accomplish (you can see all the K-LOL clips here), and most of all just had an amazing time getting to work with people I was already a fan of. So thanks to Jordan Morris, Eliza Skinner, Jack Allison, Marissa Ross, Joe Hartzler, Colton Dunn, Jake Weisman, Hal Rudnick, Dave Theune, Mark David Christenson, David Neher, Scott Rogers, Kat Foster, Andree Vermeulen, Katie Willert, Fiona Landers, Dave Ross, Jessica McKenna, Eli Newell, Pamela Passmore, Erin Whitehead,  Jennie Newman, and of course “Scarlett” from K-TOWN. Also, our crew, and everyone else I forgot. DING-DONG DINOSAUR!

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    I’ll miss you, K-LOL. Thanks for all the laughs and thanks for going out with a bang.
  3. cvxn said: Congrats! I liked it a lot! Hope to see more stuff like it. And MORE MARISSA ROSS! <3 my Hello Giggles fams! (Now do another video for HG about being cool, please.)
  4. khealywu said: I loved all the videos, super funny stuff!
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